Dashboard Actions Pod





This shows all employees who would not be able to clock in for various different reasons (e.g. Visa Expiration, not enough daily rest etc.). 


The Ends column shows when they will have had enough daily rest to be able to work again. Scheduled shows when they are next due to start.  This is really useful when needing extra staff to ensure that you don't break any laws. You can also check this before you start your shift to make sure that everyone scheduled will be able to clock in at their scheduled time.


 Restricted hours


This is to help manage hours for employees whose maximum hours you need to track carefully

The employees Limit comes from their Availability. Worked shows the hours and minutes they have clocked in so far this week and the Scheduled shows the time left they are scheduled to work. If they have gone over or will if they work the remainder of their hours then the end column will go red.

 Quick links


 Allows you to search for any employee and view different information relevant to that person by clicking on the icons below




This is a quick overview of any warnings or exceptions broken down under different headings. Employees missing shows employees that are scheduled but have not clocked in.

Missed clockings is where an employee has missed one or more of their clockings. Perhaps they didn’t clock in after their break etc. If any of these errors are left unattended by the end of the week then payroll will be unable to close resulting in all employees not being paid. These errors will also result in incorrect labour reporting until they are resolved.

Clocking exceptions shows the total number exceptions that need to be actioned. Clicking on this will take you into clocks to allow you to ‘fix’ the clocking exceptions.

Declined clocks is anybody who has tried to clock in but hasn’t been able to, there could be many reasons for this e.g. they have already clocked in or have not had enough weekly rest.

Swap requests, Unassigned shifts and Extra work requested show the numbers of requests from the calendar pages.

Restricted employees shows the number of people who have a restriction on the amount of hours they can work in a week.